Your 4 hob cooker is obviously an essential part of your kitchen. But when you’re not using it, it sure takes up a lot of worktop space. Imagine if you could hide your cooker when no in use. Now you can…

At Kevin Jones, we really work hard to keep up with latest in kitchen designs and associated technology in order to stay at least 1 step ahead of the competition, and of course give you, our customers, the widest possible choice in order to create the kitchen you want. Just recently, we visited the Cevisamma exhibition in Valencia. This is where all the top kitchen suppliers show off their latest and greatest, and indeed, we saw lots of really great new ideas.

For us, the exhibition standout was an integrated cooking system by TBP, a Spanish company that specialises in kitchen tech that doesn’t get in the way. So what is it? Well, imagine your kitchen worktop where the hob is built in to the counter top. Now we don’t mean it sits flush, it actually is inside the countertop. This means that when you need to use it, just pop your saucepan in the right place, and turn on, all with touch controls. When you’ve finished using it, you simply can’t see it and can use the same space as a normal kitchen counter. And because it’s induction it’s always cool to the touch so no risk of burning.

The countertop is made of a special material which is strong and hard enough to chop your vegetables directly on the surface. It’s clean, hygienic and incredibly cool.

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