If you have a room which you feel could benefit from little more natural light and where the existing windows aren’t letting enough natural light in, the solution may lie in installing a roof lantern.

If that room has an external roof, at Kevin Jones we can essentially install a lantern style structure which lets in the light and looks smart and stylish at the same time.​ For years, many home owners have been installing a dorms-type skylight. But these aren’t necessarily attractive. A better solution is required.

As with much modern thinking, we look back to architectural solutions from bygone eras. However, the name actually comes from Japan where taxi cabs were decorated with a lighted lantern on the roof of the cab, designed to pay homage to traditional Japanese paper lanterns. Historically they are known as architectural cupola’s.

Roof lantern from 1150 atop the Bapstistry in Florence, Italy

Roof lantern from 1836 atop the Orangery, Calke Abbey, UK

Roof lantern on the 16th century cathedral in Seville, Spain

Historically, roof lanterns first saw the light of day (excuse the pun) in the middle ages. Made of masonry and glass they found their way into renaissance architecture such as cathedrals. During the 16th century, early French and Italian conservatories – known as orangeries – began to use roof lanterns to allow citrus fruits to bear fruit in winter.

Modern roof lanterns naturally benefit from modern glazing manufacturing advances, using insulating glass, metal or uPVC frames and high quality sealants which ensure maximum energy efficiency. At Kevin Jones, we can customise the design to suit your roof, with in size, construction and finish. It’ll help shed new light in your home.​