At Kevin Jones, we’re always looking for new ways to bring the latest conveniences to you and you kitchen. We’re happy to say that we’re now able to supply and install boiling hot water taps.

As the name suggests, these taps deliver boiling hot water at the flick of a tap handle. In fact, the water is delivered at 98ºc (just 2 degrees below boiling) and this is no accident. It’s not a well known fact that those 2 degrees can make all the difference between burnt coffee and great tasting coffee​.

But it’s more than coffee. This tap means it’s easy to quickly blanche vegetables, de-skin tomatoes, and tackle those really nasty dirty oven dishes!

The special tap is designed to have a regular fitting and can dispense cold, hot and boiling hot water. The tap’s regular fitting means that taps can be retro-fitted to replace existing taps, and of course fitted as new when having a new kitchen installed.

Underneath the work surface, we plumb in a special tank which is fed from your regular water supply. The water is held at temperature and then filtered before delivery when you turn the tap on.

We use InSinkErator taps. InSinkErator has a great track record for kitchen waste disposal systems so they know what good kitchenware means. When it comes to energy efficieny, you might think your electricity bill will go through the roof – not so! In fact these systems use less electricity than boiling your kettle.

Safety is a key factor here, after all you don’t want nasty scold to you or your family. The tap features a safety first push-lever locking system meaning you can’t accidentally turn the wrong tap!

All in all, we think hot water boiling taps are a great addition to any kitchen. Please contact us to find out more and request a quotation.