When talking to clients about a new pool, we nearly always get asked about infinity pools. We have substantial experience of infinity pools and can take you through just what it takes – and costs – for the pool of your dreams​.​

Infinity pools are also sometimes known as negative edge pools, zero edge pools, disappearing edge pools and even vanishing edge pools. It’s a swimming pool, or even just a feature pond type pool, where the water flows over one or more edges giving the impression that there is no edge to the pool. When designed such that the edge visually merges with the sea and sky beyond, you get the perspective of an infinite expanse of water just for you.

Infinity pools are nothing new. In fact the concept is believed to have began in France when in the early 1600s, the Palais de Versailles’ Stag Fountain was designed with an infinity edge.

To create an infinity pool, the team from Kevin Jones will make a detailed site survey to be absolutely sure the pool can be build solidly and soundly. We’re often asked to build them on sloping edge which is obviously the best place to get the infinity effect. This though means that we need to be able to secure solid foundations and build a sound structure to support the weight of the pool and of course the water.

The infinity effect comes from the design where we build the infinity edge a few millimetres less than the designed surface of the water. It is in fact a tiny weir where the water steadily flows over the edge and into a catchment basin. The water is them pumped back into the the pool. Because the edge of the ‘weir’ is so small, there is no ‘current effect’, it feels like a normal pool, but when done right, looks stunning.

Only experienced builders such as Kevin Jones should be approached to build an infinity pool, not only for the quality of build you get, but also because there is such an enormous personal safety issue at stake.

If you’re curious about what it would take to build your infinity pool, then contact us and make an appointment to come and see us. In the meantime, here are some stunning images of some famous infinity pools from around the world​.