At Kevin Jones, we’ve learned that the devil truly is in the detail. It’s what sets up apart and we’re constantly looking at those small, incremental improvements that add up to turning the good into the truly wonderful.

One area that we’ve taking particular interest is the humble light switch. It would be easy to simply fit a standard light switch, but when there’s a world of choice out there, we think it’s worth taking notice.

We have chosen to fit switches form the SIMON range. SIMON is actually an old and established industrial group from Olot in Spain and it’s product range covers over 5500 products. Like us, SIMON believe that quality should be second nature. The SIMON 27 and 82 ranges are just 2 examples of their range which we’ve used extensively in our construction designs.

SIMON 27 is a more ‘playful’ range which suits modern and funkier styles. Combining bright colours and bold patterns, SIMON 27 adds a sense of – well – playfulness. One feature of this range is that the faceplates are actually interchangeable. If you fancy a change, just get a new faceplate, pop off the old one and pop in the new one.

SIMON 82 on the other hand is a more ‘classic’ style of fitting. Styles are organised into 4 families: noble metal, wood, metallic and colour. Within the range you’ll find pure, brushed or polished metals; natural wood finished; soft, sunflower and grainy textures and translucent. Just recently they introduced a new graphite finish.

So, when you come to Kevin Jones, you can expect our complete attention to details and to have to make some exciting choices when deciding upon your new kitchen, or bathroom, or whichever room you’re looking to improve.

We’ve included a small video from SIMON which goes into detail about their approach to design and manufacturing of their switches.