When the summer months draw to a close and autumn begins to settle in, making swimming in your pool an uncomfortable prospect, then it is time to start preparing it for winter. This is a crucial part of pool maintenance and will have a large bearing on the longevity of your pool. We have put together some general tips for wintering your pool in Spain here but for extra help or information make sure to contact good quality builders for more.

Clean the Pool and the Filter

Your pool will be sitting for a few months so giving it a good clean will help prevent surface stains and damage from building up. It is a good idea to remove as many debris and leaves as possible because they will just get harder to remove the longer they are left there. The same goes for the filter. The cleaner it is the better it will run and the easier it will be to get your pool operating again in spring/summer. While cleaning your pool make sure to also protect it from algae. Algae can block the filters, make the water look awful, and increase the need for more chlorine. You can make sure of preventing its build up by the right use of chemicals. You can check with pool experts and quality builders as to which chemicals will work best for your specific situation.

Water Balance

The right pH level of your pool’s water will ensure that your pool equipment lasts longer and helps to retain the clarity of the water. Experts, including your local builders on the Costa Blanca, recommend a pH level somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6 for best results. Maintaining this level means that it will both keep the water clean over winter while at the same time retaining a comfortable level for those swimming in the pool. Dry Acid or Soda Ash can be used to adjust the pH levels of the water. Along with the pH level make sure that the alkalinity of the water is somewhere between 100 and 150ppm. Over winter it is best if the chlorine level is quite high, say over 3.0.

Water Level

There is some debate between pool owners over what level the water should be kept at but here is advice for pools in Spain. Generally, you do not need to lower the water levels of the pool unless you have tiles around the top of it at the waterline. If you do you should consider dropping the water levels because if you leave it then there is a danger if you live in the hills or in the interior, the tiles will be cracked if the pool freezes which will cause the water to expand. Other than this there is no real reason for lowering the water level over winter. Emptying the pool, or even just lowering the water level below the skimmer box can even void the warranty and can put extra strain on the pool leading to damage. If you are having a pool installed then make sure to check this with the pool builders on the Costa Blanca or wherever in Spain you are having one built.

Covering the Pool

This is recommended because it will provide extra protection by helping keep the water at the right level and balance. It will also help keep the water and the equipment clean by preventing leaves and other debris from falling in. Following on from the previous point, if you use a pool cover then lowering the water level can cause the cover to sag and strain which will have a negative impact on its longevity.


Here are a few tips on wintering your pool in Spain to get you going. More information can be gained from local experts, and if you don’t actually have a pool at the moment but are thinking of having one installed then please get in contact with us right away!