Our new and innovative steam cabins bring health benefits with style and relaxation.

The health benefits of steam and warm water have been known for years. In Nordic countries, for example, saunas have been used for centuries not only for relaxation but to promote blood flow and cleanse the skin. In Turkey, steam baths are popular for exactly the same reason. And how often when you have aches and pains does a hot shower do the trick, even better when the shower head has a massage feature.

In our never-ending search for innovative products for your bathroom, kitchen and general construction needs, we’ve at last discovered a highly innovative steam cabin system that not only helps with all those health benefits and relaxation but simply looks stunning and makes for a stylish addition to any home.

Hidsistem is an innovative Spanish company specialising in Hydromassage and Steam Cabins. We at Kevin Jones are delighted to be chosen to supply and install their products in the Northern Costa Blanca. Hidsistem shares our passion for stylish innovation coupled with unflinching quality.

Steam cabins are pretty well as described. A stylish cabin that supplies hot and cold water as well as steam. There are 5 different ranges:

  • Whirlpool: a hydromassage system with water jets from all directions
  • Scottish Shower: with alternating jets of hot and cold water
  • Turkish Bath: a lower temperature steam cabin
  • Finnish Sauna: a dry heat cabin
  • Chromotherapy cabin: which uses colour to promote health benefits

The steam system has been designed with safety and hygiene firmly at the forefront. They include:

  • Ozone sterilisation and auto-ventilation
  • Automatic cleaning cycles
  • Fuse protected electronics
  • Alarm system
  • Computer controlled steam generation
  • Tempered glass
  • Easy to use thermostatic taps

We think these steam cabins are really quite special and will appeal to people who recognise that health and style can go together. For more information on steam cabins, please contact us.

Images courtesy of Hidsistem and Kevin Jones