Following on from our recent announcement of DEKTON® Gloss, we’ve discovered another amazing material to bring hardwearing class and character to your home.

You see, at Kevin Jones, we understand that every person is unique and every person’s home is equally unique. That’s why we spend time researching new technologies, industry developments, and latest trends. FENIX NTM® is a super opaque nanotech material created by Arpa Industriale. It combines a beautifully aesthetic finish with state-of-the-art technological performance. When you first see FENIX NTM®, you’re struck by just how non-reflective it is. One practical upshot is in a kitchen. If you have a particularly bright kitchen, where the sun invades the room and causes dazzling glares from work surfaces, then FENIX NTM® is the answer. It is so non-reflective you wonder how it can be possible. And from that, just imagine the possibilities throughout your home.

Of course, for such a material to work in a home environment, it needs to be anti-fingerprint, and be scratch resistant. In fact, the way nano-material work is that rather than being so hard that you cant’ form the size, these materials accept micro-scratches and then ‘heal’ themselves, just like magic. FENIX NTM® can be cut and finished to fit any surface: horizontal (think work surfaces), and vertical.