What Is Soft Water?

The water that comes through our taps contains minerals such as calcium or magnesium and whether it is hard or soft depends on the levels of these minerals it contains. Simply soft water contains lower levels of these minerals.

Here in the Denia to Altea area we have hard water, this is a fact.  If you are not sure, you can take a small sample to a local laboratory pharmacist and get it tested.

What is The Difference?

You don’t need to have soft water but generally if you have hard water, by softening it you can prevent build up (scale) in your appliances and pipes.  It also improves the taste and smell of your tap water.

Save Money

Overtime, a good quality water softening system is expected to save you money, on repairs to pipes and replacement appliances.  Soft water can also lead to improved performance for central heating systems and appliances making them more efficient.  Essentially anything that transports or heats water in our homes will benefit from softer water.

Go Big

What are your options?  You can buy small home kits that soften water going to single taps or and bar far the best solution is to buy a water softening system that treats and softens all the water going into your property.  You will not only notice the difference when making a cup of tea, but you will feel the benefit when taking a shower and washing your hair.  If you have ever thought you seem to use more shampoo or soap to get a lather here in Spain, it is probably due to hard water. Soft water lathers quicker, meaning you use less soap, and it is better for your skin.

Other Benefits

Less time cleaning must be a massive win. If you are not sure if you have hard water an obvious clue can be scale build up on taps, plugs and showers.  A water softening system can help prevent this build up, often create a faster flow of water from your shower and save on cleaning time.

Thinking About Investing in a Water Softener?

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