The kitchen, regardless of the size, can be the heart of the home. It’s a place to gather, cook, eat, pay bills, do homework and share special moments. Making it functional and aesthetically appealing can be a challenge especially when you have a cramped space that leaves you starved for storage and counter space.

The key to maximizing the limited space lies in smart planning. Here’s how to make the most of your pint-sized kitchen.

1. Keep Your Kitchen Scheme Simple

Nothing makes a room look bigger like light coloured walls. Light coloured walls reflect light helping spaces look bigger and brighter. Therefore, consider painting your kitchen walls white or any other bright colour, using composite, white stone or stainless-steel worktops, white or frosted glass cabinet doors and white splashback tiling.

In addition to using bright colours, emphasize your natural sources of light to make the room look brighter and larger. A sunlit room feels more spacious and eliminates shadows that can make an enclosed space feel smaller. If you’re low on light, consider using reflective surfaces, translucent shades, and tall windows. Professional builders on the Costa Blanca can give you ideas for skylights, transoms and other high windows that can help shed light in your small kitchen.

2. Prioritize Perfect Positioning

If your kitchen has a U-shaped layout, think about whether extra-slim drawers or cabinets will allow you to optimally position your key appliances. You may want to embrace the magic triangle – placing the stove, refrigerator and sink within one or two steps from one another. Positioning appliances the right way will make your kitchen more efficient.

3. Clear Away Clutter

This is probably the best space-saving trick you’ll ever learn. In a small space, it is imperative to do away with items that encroach on space. Cabinets, for instance, encroach on space, so consider getting rid of them. Switch to drawers to achieve maximum usability of the available space. For a custom built kitchen, you can hire quality builders to install drawers that suits your preferences. Rows of drawers look chic and organized, even if their content is not. Additionally, they allow easy access to items, unlike cabinets which require scouring and can cause cluttered space as items pile up on the counter as you cook.

4. Choose Pint-Sized Appliances

When it comes to kitchen appliances, big isn’t always better. There is a variety of smartly designed appliances for small spaces. Consider purchasing such appliances so you won’t have to sacrifice precious space to shoehorn them in.

5. Leave No Kitchen Storage Opportunity Unused

Identify spaces that are underutilized and use those areas to store kitchen items. Consider unused corners, between shelves, below the sink, at the back of cupboards and windowsills. You can use these areas as hanging space, placing cup hooks or for occasional storage. Also, consider the space on walls and doors – you can add hooks, a magnetic knife board or utensil rail on the sides of your cupboards or hung racks over a door. Adding extra shelves in corners can help make your kitchen more efficient. If you have a custom built kitchen, use overlooked areas like the space above doors, the cabinet toe kick and ceiling for clever storage spaces.

6. Use Savvy Shelving Options

Be smart with storage solutions such as shelving and cupboards by looking beyond the common options. Builders on the Costa Blanca have ideas that you can use like including modular units that are built into the wall and can be accessed from either side.

7. Make Spaces Multi-Functional

Whenever possible, add pieces that can pull double-duty in your small kitchen. A folding table, for example, can provide a spot where you can prep meals and dine without taking up valuable floor space. You can also have quality builders create an island or peninsula that can provide extra storage space and act as a useful worktop for food preparation.

8. Clean as You Go

Cleaning as you go helps keep your pint-sized kitchen organized. Cooking in a small kitchen can get out of control very quickly – one minute the space is neat and tidy, and the next minute you have teetering piles of dirty dishes, pot, and pans everywhere.

There you have it! These eight tips will help you maximize the space you have and ensure it functions the way you want. If you’re looking to create an efficient and functional kitchen in your Spanish home, call us at [+34] 966 493 051.