Dekton XGloss® is the latest development in material science designed so that you can choose a brand new kitchen safe in the knowledge that the shine won’t fade, except the shine form the smile on your face.

At Kevin Jones, we’ve learned that the devil truly is in the detail. It’s what sets up apart and we’re constantly looking at those small, incremental improvements that add up to turning the good into the truly wonderful.

You’ve heard is said before but it’s true – everyone is unique. We see this day in, day out at Kevin Jones where customers are able to choose from a wide range of surfaces and finishes for their kitchens. We can’t think of a single instance where someone has copied an existing ‘design’. Just like people, kitchen designs are unique.

Because of this, we’re always looking to add to what we can offer and just recently, we’re really excited to introduce DEKTON® XGLOSS by well-known manufacturer COSENTINO. We already supply ‘original’ DEKTON® but when we saw the the dazzling crystal shine of DEKTON® XGLOSS, we were blown away. It is simply stunning!