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Block Paving Driveways

Quality & Style

Make a first and lasting impression with beautiful block paving. ..

Block paving is widely used as a decorative way to create paving and commonly driveways. It has several benefits over other types of driveways. At Kevin Jones we often get asked how to make a driveway that is both beautiful and practical. Block driveways is the answer.

Firstly, because the driveway is made of small 'bricks', its relatively easy to accommodate odd shapes and undulations where the driveway has to go.Secondly, you have a choice of colour which means we can create a driveway that is sympathetic with your tastes and home. And thirdly, they are quite easy to maintain. In particular, if there is for example a problem with (say) a drainage pipe that runs under the driveway, it's much easier to lift a few bricks, carry out the repairs and then remake the block paving. Imagine having to watch workmen using a pneumatic drill to break up a concrete driveway and then having to make a repair that leaves the driveway back to it's original aesthetic!


There are a number of patterns that can be achieved, again to suit your particular needs. Different effects can be achieved by using different sized bricks. The following image shows some of the options.

Of these, the herringbone is actually the strongest, having the maximum number of interlocking bricks. This can be set at 90º, 45º or indeed any angle you desire. We will discuss at length your desired outcome and then work to deliver what you want. At Kevin Jones we have extensive experience with block paving driveways with many happy customers.

If you're curious about what block paving can do for you, please contact us. We'll discuss your needs, come round, measure up and then give you a no-obligation quotation. As always, you'll have our word that we'll do a quality job that'll leave you satisfied for many years to come.

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